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  • Last stock! Diode Schottky 100v 150ma Do35

    Diode Schottky 100v 150ma Do35

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    PACK SMD OF 4000 PIECES  The "Diode Schottky 100V 150mA DO-35" is a type of Schottky diode, a semiconductor device known for its fast switching speed and low forward voltage drop. This specific model is rated for a maximum reverse voltage of 100 volts and a forward current of 150 milliamperes. The "DO-35" refers to its package type, which is a small, axial-lead, glass encapsulated package commonly used for small signal diodes. Schottky diodes like this are often used in high-frequency applications, power rectification, and as protection diodes due to their low forward voltage and fast recovery time. The small size and low capacitance of the DO-35 package make it suitable for high-speed and low-power applications.

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  • Last stock! 1N5822 Series 40 V 3 A Through Hole Schottky Rectifier - DO-201AD

    1N5822 Series 40 V 3 A Through Hole Schottky Rectifier - DO-201AD

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      PACK OF 200 PIECES The 1N5822 is a Schottky barrier diode, renowned for its low forward voltage drop and rapid switching capabilities. It is particularly designed for applications that demand efficient energy management and fast switching speeds. This diode features a forward current rating of 3 amperes and a peak repetitive reverse voltage of 40 volts.A standout characteristic of the 1N5822 is its Schottky barrier construction, which allows for a very low forward voltage drop (typically around 0.3 to 0.5 volts). This low drop results in increased efficiency, especially in low voltage applications, making the diode ideal for use in power supplies, converters, and as a freewheeling diode in inverter circuits.The diode is encapsulated in a DO-201AD package, a robust and widely used form factor that provides a good balance between physical size and thermal performance. This package is suited for through-hole mounting, which makes it easy to handle in various types of circuit boards and ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications.Given its high current capability and efficiency, the 1N5822 is a preferred choice in solar energy systems, automotive applications, and other scenarios where efficient power conversion is required. Its fast switching speed also makes it suitable for high-frequency applications, contributing to its versatility and widespread use in the electronics industry.

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Schottky Diodes

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