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  • LCD module display yellow 16x2 character

    LCD module display yellow 16x2 character

      COST PER PIECE The YM1602C-YELLOW is a 16x2 character LCD display module that features a yellow-green LED backlight, providing clear and bright display visibility. This module is capable of displaying 16 characters per line across 2 lines, offering a simple and effective way to present textual information in various electronic devices.Here are some details that could be highlighted in the description of the YM1602C-YELLOW for a webpage:1. **Display Type**: The YM1602C-YELLOW utilizes a liquid crystal display technology that ensures low power consumption while providing a crisp and clear display.2. **Character Format**: The display can show 16 characters on each of its 2 lines, with a variety of alphanumeric characters and symbol support.3. **Backlight**: It features a yellow-green LED backlight which ensures that the text is readable even in low light conditions.4. **Interface**: The module typically offers an easy-to-use parallel interface for communication with microcontrollers and other host devices.5. **Font Color**: The characters are displayed in a contrasting color to the yellow background, ensuring readability.6. **Versatility**: The YM1602C-YELLOW is suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial controls to consumer electronics, where reliable text display is necessary.7. **Ease of Integration**: With a standard 16-pin interface, the module is easy to integrate into existing systems without requiring extensive redesign.The YM1602C-YELLOW LCD module is a popular choice among developers due to its straightforward integration, clear display, and efficient power usage, making it an ideal choice for both hobbyist projects and commercial products.   Part Number YM1602C Outline Dimension 80.0x36.0x12.5 View Angle 6 o’clock View Area(W×H) 64.5x15.8 Dot Size(W×H) 0.50x0.55  Operating Temp. -20~70℃ Storage Temp. -30~80℃ Dot Pitch(W×H) 0.55x060 Char Size(W×H) 2.96x5.56 Controller SPLC780,SPLC100 Operating voltage 5V Package COB Backlight LED


  • Lcd module display 16X1

    Lcd module display 16X1

      COST PER PIECE The SW1601B-A is a monochromatic LCD display module designed for use in a wide array of electronic devices that require a simple, clear method of displaying text and numbers. It typically features a 16x1 format, meaning it can display one line of 16 characters, using a simple parallel interface for communication with microcontrollers and other devices. Key features of the SW1601B-A may include: Display: A 16-character by 1-line LCD, suitable for displaying a variety of alphanumeric characters. Backlight: An LED backlight that enhances visibility in various lighting conditions, potentially available in different colors. Interface: Generally, these modules offer a parallel interface for easy integration into a range of electronic systems. Power Efficiency: LCD technology is well-known for its low power consumption, making it ideal for battery-operated applications. Versatile Use: These modules are commonly used in devices like home appliances, office equipment, medical devices, and industrial control systems where a simple user interface is necessary. Customizability: The module may allow for custom character creation, enabling the display of unique symbols and fonts. Without the exact specifications or a datasheet, this description remains quite generic. For accurate product details, it would be best to consult the manufacturer's datasheet or product specification guide for the SW1601B-A module.


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