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  • DC Fan, 35x35x10mm, 12VDC, 7.0CFM

    DC Fan, 35x35x10mm, 12VDC, 7.0CFM

      COST PER PIECE The MC35101V1000UA99 is a DC fan with dimensions of 35x35x10mm, operating at 12VDC, and providing an airflow of 7.0 cubic feet per minute (CFM). This compact fan is suitable for various applications that require efficient cooling in a small form factor.Size (35x35x10mm): This compact size makes the fan ideal for use in limited spaces where effective air circulation is needed. It's commonly used in small electronic devices, embedded systems, and miniature computing platforms.Voltage (12VDC): The fan operates on a 12-volt DC power supply, which is a standard voltage for many electronic circuits and systems, making it easily integrable into a wide range of electronic and computing equipment.Airflow (7.0CFM): With an airflow rate of 7.0 cubic feet per minute, the fan provides effective cooling to maintain the optimal operating temperature of electronic components. This airflow rate is adequate for cooling small to medium-sized electronic devices.Applications: This DC fan is ideal for cooling in compact electronic devices, small computer systems, power supplies, and other equipment where space is constrained. It's also used in DIY projects and in applications where heat dissipation is crucial for component longevity.Features: Fans like the MC35101V1000UA99 are appreciated for their reliability, low power consumption, and their ability to prolong the life of electronic components by preventing overheating.The MC35101V1000UA99 DC fan is a practical cooling solution for applications that require a small, efficient fan. Its 12VDC operation and 7.0CFM airflow make it versatile for a variety of cooling needs in compact electronic environments.


  • 48VDC Cooling Fan (120x120x38mm, 190CFM)

    48VDC Cooling Fan (120x120x38mm, 190CFM)

      COST PER PIECE This 48VDC Cooling Fan, with dimensions of 120x120x38mm, is designed to provide efficient and powerful airflow in various applications, delivering an impressive 190 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of air movement. This fan is particularly suitable for systems requiring significant cooling capacity, such as server racks, data centers, industrial machinery, and telecommunications equipment.Operating on a 48VDC power supply, this fan is ideal for environments where standard voltage levels are elevated, and it is engineered to handle the demanding cooling requirements of high-performance equipment. The high airflow rating of 190CFM is indicative of its ability to manage substantial heat loads, ensuring that sensitive components are kept within safe operating temperatures.The 120x120x38mm size of the fan makes it versatile for a wide range of installations, providing a balance between size and cooling capability. This fan is known for its durability and robust performance, making it a reliable choice in settings where consistent and effective cooling is critical to the operation and longevity of electronic systems.


  • 24VDC Cooling Fan (120x120x38mm, 190CFM)

    24VDC Cooling Fan (120x120x38mm, 190CFM)

      COST PER PIECE This 24VDC Cooling Fan, measuring 120x120x38mm, is a high-efficiency cooling solution capable of delivering an impressive airflow of 190 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). It is designed for use in demanding applications where effective heat dissipation is crucial, such as in server racks, telecommunications equipment, and other electronic systems. The fan's 24VDC power input makes it compatible with a wide range of industrial and commercial electronic setups. Its significant airflow capacity ensures efficient cooling, particularly important for maintaining the longevity and reliability of heat-sensitive components. The fan's size and design are tailored for optimal air movement, providing a powerful cooling effect in environments where maintaining a controlled temperature is vital. Known for its robust construction and high operational efficiency, this fan is an ideal choice for applications that require reliable and consistent thermal management.



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