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  • Photocell Sensor 4132, 84V, 50mW

    Photocell Sensor 4132, 84V, 50mW

      PACK OF 200 PIECES The NSL-4132 is a high-performance photocell sensor belonging to the 4132 series. This sensor is designed for light detection and sensitivity applications, operating at a voltage of 84 volts and a power rating of 50 milliwatts (50mW). It is an essential component for systems that require reliable light sensing capabilities. Key Features and Benefits: High Voltage Operation (84V): The ability to operate at 84 volts makes the NSL-4132 suitable for higher voltage applications, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electronic systems and circuits. Low Power Consumption (50mW): With a power rating of just 50 milliwatts, this photocell is energy efficient, making it ideal for use in power-sensitive applications. Sensitive Light Detection: The NSL-4132 is designed for high sensitivity to light changes, allowing for precise light measurement and control. This feature is particularly beneficial in systems that rely on accurate light sensing, such as automatic lighting controls, safety systems, and environmental monitoring. Durable and Reliable: This photocell sensor is built to be durable and reliable, ensuring consistent performance over time, even in challenging environmental conditions. Versatile Applications: The NSL-4132 is suitable for a variety of applications, including automatic lighting systems, light level monitoring, security systems, and in devices where light intensity measurement is crucial. Model (NSL-4132): The model number NSL-4132 provides an easy reference for identification and procurement, ensuring the correct component selection for specific design and repair needs. In summary, the NSL-4132 photocell sensor, with its high-voltage operation, low power consumption, and sensitive light detection, is a versatile and efficient choice for a wide range of applications requiring accurate and reliable light sensing. Its durability and wide range of applications make it a valuable component for designers and engineers working in various fields.



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