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  • Relay, 30Amp-12VDC, SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw)

    Relay, 30Amp-12VDC, SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw)

      PACK OF 10 PIECES The TR90-12VDC-SC-C is a high-capacity relay capable of handling 30 amps at 12 volts DC (30Amp-12VDC). It features a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) configuration, making it versatile for various switching applications. This relay is ideal for use in automotive, industrial, and high-power control systems. Key Features and Benefits: High Current Rating (30Amp): With its ability to handle up to 30 amps, this relay is suitable for high-current applications, making it ideal for automotive systems, industrial machinery, and other high-power requirements. 12VDC Coil Voltage: The relay operates with a 12V DC coil, making it compatible with many low-voltage systems and suitable for a wide range of electronic and electrical applications. SPDT Configuration: The Single Pole Double Throw design provides flexibility in switching between two circuits, making it suitable for various control and switching tasks. Versatile Applications: Commonly used in automotive electronics for controlling lights, starter motors, and other high-current devices, as well as in industrial control systems and power management applications. Compact and Reliable: Designed to be compact yet robust, the TR90-12VDC-SC-C ensures reliability and durability in various operating environments. Model (TR90-12VDC-SC-C): The specific model number ensures easy identification and procurement, facilitating accurate component selection for electronic designs, repairs, or replacements. In summary, the TR90-12VDC-SC-C relay, with its 30Amp-12VDC capacity and SPDT configuration, is a powerful and versatile component suitable for a wide range of high-current applications. Its compatibility with low-voltage systems and robust design make it a reliable choice for both automotive and industrial control tasks.



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