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  • Cermet Potentiometer, 20k Ohm

    Cermet Potentiometer, 20k Ohm

      PACK OF 50 PIECES The CT-6R20K is a cermet (ceramic-metal composite) potentiometer with a resistance value of 20k ohms. Cermet potentiometers are known for their stability, reliability, and precision, making them suitable for various applications where accurate resistance tuning is required. Key Features and Benefits: 20k Ohm Resistance: Provides a resistance level of 20k ohms, making it suitable for various electronic circuits that require this level of resistance for control or adjustment purposes. Cermet Composition: The cermet material combines the stability and reliability of ceramics with the conductivity of metal, offering superior temperature stability and durability compared to standard carbon potentiometers. Precision Tuning: Ideal for applications where precise adjustment of resistance is needed. Cermet potentiometers offer smooth and accurate tuning. Wide Range of Applications: Commonly used in electronic equipment such as audio systems, measurement devices, and industrial control systems where reliable and precise resistance adjustment is crucial. Compact Design: The CT-6R20K's compact size allows for easy integration into electronic circuits without occupying much space. Model (CT-6R20K): The specific model number ensures easy identification and procurement, simplifying the component selection process for electronic designs and repairs. In summary, the CT-6R20K cermet potentiometer, with its 20k ohm resistance, is a high-quality and precise component suitable for a wide range of applications where stable and accurate resistance adjustment is required. Its cermet construction ensures durability and reliability, making it a preferred choice in various electronic and industrial applications.



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