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  • Fluorescent Light Ballast, 120V, 70/58Wx2

    Fluorescent Light Ballast, 120V, 70/58Wx2

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    The B1202140H01 is a fluorescent light ballast designed to operate with two 70 or 58-watt fluorescent lamps. Rated for 120 volts, this ballast is suitable for use in residential and commercial lighting applications where efficient and reliable operation of fluorescent lighting is required. Key Features and Benefits: Voltage Rating (120V): Compatible with standard 120-volt electrical systems, making it suitable for widespread use in residential and commercial settings. Dual Lamp Operation: Designed to power two fluorescent lamps, each with a wattage of either 70 or 58 watts. This dual-lamp capability allows for flexibility and efficiency in lighting installations. Fluorescent Lighting Efficiency: Fluorescent ballasts are known for their energy efficiency, providing significant energy savings compared to other lighting technologies. Reliable Performance: Ensures stable and efficient operation of fluorescent lamps, contributing to extended lamp life and consistent light output. Easy Integration: Designed for straightforward installation, this ballast can be easily integrated into existing fluorescent lighting fixtures. Model (B1202140H01): The specific model number ensures accurate identification and procurement, simplifying maintenance and replacement processes. In summary, the B1202140H01 fluorescent light ballast is a reliable and energy-efficient solution for powering fluorescent lighting systems. Its compatibility with standard electrical systems and dual-lamp operation makes it a versatile choice for various lighting applications in both residential and commercial environments.

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